Stand above the crowd

Vehicle owners in Edmonton and the surrounding areas choose custom car vehicle wraps for a variety of reasons. Vinyl Wraps help protect your vehicle with an invisible layer, convey a commercial message, or just make your vehicle stand apart from the rest of the crowd. Clear Choice Auto will provide you with the highest standards for quality service.


Do you want a vehicle that you can show off to your friends? Get your car all decked out with a unique vinyl. Choose from many materials and colours. We can do everything from giving your hood a simple wrap to fully changing the colour.

Car vehicle wrap turns your vehicle into a 24/7 advertisement. Think of all the other cars you pass every single day, as well as the pedestrians you drive by. Even when your car is parked, it has the potential to be seen by other people.
Business owners nationwide are discovering that car vinyl wrap advertising and vehicle graphics are the best way to reach customers quickly, effectively and economically creating brand recognition.
Compared to traditional forms of advertising – outdoor signs, television, print and radio – vehicle advertising and branding can reach more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of advertising.

Vinyl Wraps

We have experience with a wide variety of vehicles, from large vans to sports cars. We have in-house designers who can design custom graphics that will get your vehicle noticed. Our ability to create and install custom designs, letters, phone numbers, etc. for any type of vehicle makes us the perfect choice.

There are three application phases: the design phase, discussing your vision and its purpose, and last but not least the installation. The design phase includes getting accurate measurements for the car and creating the design. During the production phase, the graphic is created, printed, and laminated. The installation process involves applying the wrap to the vehicle.  We make sure to never miss a step. Ensuring your wrap will have a long lifetime. All applications come with a limited warranty.